Everton manager Roberto Martinez has sent a warning to Arsenal saying that his club can take on and beat any club in the Premiership.

Everton have been on a winning streak that has seen the Toffee’s win five Premier League matches in a row to make them now contenders for a top-four finish.

Everton will now host Arsenal on Sunday at Goodison Park with boss Roberto Martinez saying they are ready to take on the big money clubs at the top of the table.

“To get three points at Old Trafford, the performances at the Emirates and Stamford Bridge, those are signs that we are in position to compete against these sort of sides,” the Spanish coach said to the Daily Mirror.

“It would be very easy for us to say our aim is to stay in the division. Then I am sure we would have an easy ride.

“But I think we need to push ourselves. I do feel that as a club we should be in the Champions League. Is that realistic? We need to earn that on the pitch. And we have shown on the pitch we can compete with the top teams.”

American goalkeeper Tim Howard also agrees that the fear factor is not there.

“We are looking forward to Sunday. Football is crazy. Two weeks ago, we were thinking: Can we catch Tottenham? Now we are asking ourselves if we can catch Arsenal.

“We feel like we are playing well at the moment. I think at this end of the season, you have to feel like you can beat anybody.

“For us this week is vitally important but once we get that out of the way, it will be all about the following week.”