Cops in the Polish city are armed with an array of weapons including shotguns — and a hi-tech sonic cannon that makes victims wet themselves.

England fans face Euro Krakdown

A local paper said: “They will come down on louts like a bag of anvils.”

Police dogs trained to bite blokes directly in the TESTICLES will also tackle any thug England fans in Poland.

The nut-cracking Alsatians are among ruthless anti-hooligan measures prepared by cops in Krakow — England’s base for the tournament.

Their arsenal also includes:

SHOTGUNS firing baton rounds, which are usually non-lethal but can kill from close range.

A TRUCK-mounted water cannon dubbed the Typhoon.

A HI-TECH sonic cannon that makes those it is aimed at wet themselves, and

HANDGUNS loaded with live 9mm ammo.

The revelations about the no-nonsense cops were made in the English language newspaper Krakow Post as the England squad checked into the five-star Stary hotel in the city centre.

And they were a stark warning to any lout tempted to try his luck.

Some England supporters followed the squad to Poland yesterday and began chanting outside the hotel.

They are expected to travel to and from the team’s group matches in neighbouring Ukraine.

And if England make it through the group stage and quarter-finals, the fans are likely to head to Poland’s capital Warsaw.

The paper warned of the consequences of thuggery in a special Euro 2012 issue.

It said: “If things start kicking off don’t be tempted to stick around and watch the fun.

“The Polish police will come down on troublemakers like a bag full of anvils and you don’t want to be there when that happens.

“Krakow has a long history of hooligan violence. The local police have seen it all before and they will ruin your day if you try it on.

“These lads’ mums and dads rioted under Soviet machineguns so a few chairs thrown by beered-up fans won’t intimidate them.”

Two pages of the paper were devoted to a behind-the-scenes feature on police tackling local yobs at a Krakow derby match between Wisla and Cracovia.

It showed fans being repelled by CS spray as they charged gates. The piece was accompanied by pictures of the Typhoon and riot cops with shotguns.

Strict security was put in place around England’s hotel and their training base at Krakow’s Hutnik stadium last night.

But the players have been told to relax and enjoy themselves in the historic city in England’s most laid-back approach to a major tournament ever.

They will be free to have fun and encouraged to explore tourist attractions between training and travelling to games.

Manager Roy Hodgson is desperate not to repeat mistakes made in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where Fabio Capello’s bored team flopped after being shut away in remote Rustenburg.

The Stary is surrounded by bars, nightclubs, pavement cafes — and strip clubs and lap-dancing bars.

England’s 23-man squad will be trusted to avoid temptation.

And coach Gary Neville said: “You can never replicate the home environment. But in terms of being free to go for a coffee or to the shops, we should embrace it, even though it has never been done before.”

But the stars might want to be on their guard when they venture out. The newspaper warned of “honey traps” lying in wait for players and fans alike.

It said: “Beware if two gorgeous ladies stop you in the street and invite you for a drink.

“If you buy them a couple of drinks you could be stung with a bill for hundreds of pounds.

“Should you decline to pay up, large gentlemen with shaved heads will helpfully escort you to a cash machine.”

Punters heading for strip joints were told to beware of bank and credit card scams.

The paper told of one Brit who had £13,000 whipped out of his account within hours of using a card in a club.

Even crossing the street away from traffic lights is dodgy, as it is illegal whatever the time of day.

The offence carries an automatic fine and anyone trying to avoid it with a bribe is thrown in jail.