From Chelsea365

The Di Matteo magic if you want to call it that, the way the team has turned around underneath our interim manager is showing for all to see.

Should Di Matteo be the next Chelsea Manager?

6 wins – 1 draw – 1 loss in all competitions which is including beating Leicester City 5-2 and getting us a trip to Wembley to play Tottenham in the Semi Final of the FA Cup , one match away from reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League and slowly edging our way towards 4th place in the Premier League. Not bad all in all.

The team seem to have flipped the switch to on and now are playing for each other, individual performance seems to have moved up a few levels including our number 9 Torres who’s own work rate on the pitch has helped him net a couple of goals .

Everybody seems a lot happier working for Di Matteo and the atmosphere at the ground has moved from a groan to a cheer.

So I guess the question is should Di Matteo be given the full time job at Stamford Bridge?

I reckon if he can get us in to the 4th spot of the prem and get us past Benfica and in to the semi’s of the Champions League then YES why not..?

Di Matteo is giving a good account of himself so far and sure looks like he is given his all…