Chelsea new boy Samuel Eto’o says that the Blues are going after winning four competitions this season, and that not one will take a priority over another.

Chelsea have won eight of their last nine games and are now in the Capital One Cup quarter finals after having beaten Arsenal 0-2 at the Emirates on Tuesday with a team that only had one player in it from the win over Manchester City a couple of days earlier, which just goes to show the amount of depth manager Jose Mourinho has in his squad.

Chelsea are currently almost certain to get to the knockout stage of the Champions League, and are only two points behind Premier League leaders Arsenal, yet despite their current good form Eto’o knows there is still a long way to go.

“It’s going to be difficult, yes,” Eto’o told The Sun. “But we’ve got a good team and will not sacrifice our chances of winning one competition in preference for another.

“We’re trying to win every competition and we will get there. We have as much chance as any rival.

“There’s a lot of confidence in this group but we must stay focused. I realise each and every team can win. Until the referee blows that final whistle, even if you’re winning 4-0, the other team is capable of coming back and even getting a fifth goal.

“We’ll keep positive but still be a little suspicious as too much confidence can leave doors open for mistakes.”

The Cameroonian added: “I’ve adapted to life here very well, even if I would have liked to be playing my best football much quicker.

“At my best I’ll be able to bring something valuable to my team-mates, the club and the fans.

“It was really weird for a team like Chelsea, one of the best in the world, for all the strikers to not be scoring prolifically. But when I scored, it has set my mind free and now the other strikers too.

“Juan Mata did the work by scoring again against Arsenal on Tuesday and the team is winning, which is all that matters.”