The notion of David Beckham bringing an MLS team to Miami is in doubt due to the fact the team will require a new stadium.

The head of the MLS Don Garber has said that they would love to welcome an MLS team under the guidance of David Beckham in South Florida, but it was still far from a done deal.

“We can’t go into Miami without the right stadium solution,” said MLS commissioner Don Garber.”

“We’re very excited about the opportunity of David putting together an ownership group and finalising a site in downtown Miami so we can have our 22nd team,” Garber said.

“But there’s a lot of work that needs to happen.”

Beckham cannot bring the team by himself as he needs financial backing for a new stadium that could be provided by Bolivian-born billionaire Marcelo Claure and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller.

Reports are suggesting that Beckham is interested in building a 25,000 seat stadium downtown near the Port, with Garber adamant that there can be no team without the stadium to go with it.

“We want to work with David and Simon Fuller to get something done as quickly as we can,” added Garber. “We’re making progress in Miami with David Beckham and his partners.

“We believe Miami can work if we have the right stadium situation. We’re not there yet. But we hope to get there soon. We believe Miami can work if we get David Beckham and his partners to come together and be as strong as other ownership groups. That is still to be seen.”