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Kc Emmanuels

In football they say, ‘anything can happen’ and one of those things that could well happen in football is Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho joining Barcelona as it has emerged that aspiring Barcelona President is using the prospect of bringing back Jose Mourinho to the club as part of his campaign strategy.

Yes, you read that right! Jose Mourinho could be set to return to Barcelona if Joan Laporta emerges as the new club’s president.

It is believed Mourinho is part of Juan Laporta’s re-election plans and could be made the head coach of the Cataluña side almost two decades after the former FC Porto manager served as a translator and assistant coach under Sir Bobby Robson and Louis Van Gaal respectively at Barcelona.

This will be a surprise for Barcelona fans and a hard one to take for the Chelsea faithful’s as one wouldn’t know where to put this type of speculations.

Even Mourinho himself will be surprised at were this report is coming from based on what has transpired between him and Barcelona from his time at Chelsea through Inter Milan and most recent at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu.

Many will ask is there any chance Mourinho will return to Barcelona in the nearest future. The answer will however depend on which school of thought you belong to.

To many, a broken bridge has no repair. And on this basis Mourinho can never manage a Barcelona side. The hatred, animosity between Barcelona and Mourinho camp is seen as so great the two parties cannot seat under the same roof to discuss a deal.

Mourinho has had too many clashes in the past with Barcelona players, Coaches and fans right from his first spell at Chelsea, down to Inter Milan days and greatest of them in Madrid during the El Classicos. You can’t simply imagine Mourinho coaching the same team he famously tagged ‘Uefa Baby’.

But if are you from the school of thought that believe in taking up challenges even when it means working with your worst adversaries then Mourinho could well see this as a big challenge.

Barcelona is seen as one of the biggest club in the world and every manager would jump at the prospect of coaching them and winning titles with them. It could also mean Mourinho will now silence some sections of Barca fans that see him as a mere ‘Translator’ if he finally gets to coach the team.

However, from a Chelsea perspective I don’t see Mourinho coaching Barcelona. The fight between these two parties in the past both physically and verbally have been one too many for both sides to work together.

Mourinho currently have a young Chelsea side he is working at transforming into World beaters. Again he has stated his love for Chelsea and wouldn’t abandon a project he started which is already taking shape.

He is obviously a man that likes challenges and can jump the ship for fresh and higher challenge but the project he has at Chelsea is high enough challenge to keep him for a very long time in West London.

Mourinho has shown that he loves it more in the EPL and in the blue side of London and won’t readily fancy a move back to Spain where he was obviously hated by both the media and the La Liga in general.

Rumours and speculations are normal day to day activities in the Football world and anything they say can happen in the world of football but, a Jose Mourinho to Barcelona speculation is no brainer.

Chelsea fans do you see the Special One joining Barcelona?