Luis Suarez will stay at Liverpool according to managing director Ian Ayre, despite telling the club earlier in the summer that he wants out.

Arsenal have so far had two bets knocked back by the Merseyside outfit, and Sky Sports reporter Jim White has been told that Suarez is not going to leave this summer by Ayre.

“We’ve got Luis Suarez in our squad, he’ll have trained today and he’s working hard,” said Ayre, who added there have been no offers from abroad for the player.

“Despite what people think we’ve not had an intention of selling Luis, we’ve never said we want to sell Luis.

“He continues to work hard and train hard for Liverpool. That will continue and I’ll expect him to be here at the start of the season.”

The Liverpool director confirmed the two bids from Arsenal, but said:”It’s not something we’re interested in and, as our fans would expect, we rejected both. The player is not available for sale – that’s where we are and that’s where we’ll stay

“I wish I had £1 for everyone that’s stopped me in the street saying ‘make sure Luis stays’. That’s what we’re doing.”

Suarez took some time off to rest following his stint playing for Uruguay in the Confederations Cup in Brazil but joined up with the rest of the team for the last two matches of Liverpools summer tour to feature in Melbourne, and Bangkok.

Ayre said: “I don’t think his demeanours changed – he’s been a professional throughout. It’s just business as usual.

“Luis was on the back end of tour with us. He joined us in Melbourne, and seeing the fantastic support and adulation, nobody will know more than Luis how much he’s loved by this football club.

“I’m sure he’s going to stay – that’s always been our ambtion and that’s what we expect to achieve.”