The Gunners star player posted a photo on Twitter Friday night showing him out with what could have been members of Man City’s inner circle.

Is Arsenals RVP considering a move to Man City?

A reader of the website Goonersworld posted a photo of what looked like the man in the centre of Van Persie’s dinner photo saying the following:
Now, as soon I opened the link, honest to God, I instantly became drawn to the geezer in the middle. Why? Because, I believe he was a member of the Citeh delegates at the game last Sunday. I’m convinced it’s him. Here’s a screen grab, of said man, from last Sunday. Now, I may be be wrong, I may be bein paranoid. But, if it is him, what does that say to you? Why is our Captain havin dinner with a member of the Citeh ownership?

The question posed here is what is Van Persie doing with a member of Man City’s delegation? The man on the left of the photo is a football agent Kees Vos part-owner of the Sports entertainment group adding to the speculation that RVP is flirting with a move to City.
My personal opinion is that all this is just rumours, and we don’t even know if it was van Persie who posted the Photo on Twitter. He is defiantly a player who is motivated more by his football than by money. He seems very happy at the Emirates and is on track to be one of Arsenals greatest players ever.