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Following yesterday’s disastrous start to the season that saw Arsenal lose 3-1 at home to Aston Villa, the Gunners are reportedly back in the market for Swansea Centre-hale Ashley Williams  following the injury to Thomas Vermaelen.

Anyone who watched yesterday’s game would have heard the crowd chanting “spend some F*****g money” aimed at manager Arsene Wenger who has so far not managed to spend a penny of the £70 million that was given him to acquire new players.

The 28-year-old Williams is refusing to read to much into the reports linking him to Arsenal ,but told the Daily Mirror: “It’s very flattering but you take it with a pinch of salt because you see a lot written and you never know what to make of it.

“I just take it as a compliment. You must be doing something right, whether it’s true or not.”

When talking about Europe, Williams added: “All players with any ambition want to see how high they can get, whether that’s with their team – which has been the case with me at Swansea – or whatever really.

“If I sat here and said I didn’t want to play in the Champions League, that’d be a lie. But I’d never disrespect a team I play for and say, ‘that’s it, I’m desperate to leave’, just after a story in the paper. I’d never do that or think that.

“As professionals, you want to see how far you can go in your career, and competing for titles is where everyone wants to be. However you get there is a different story.”