Yes that’s right Gooners £51 million is what the Daily Mirror are reporting that Wenger is prepared to pay while publicly saying that the transfer of Luis Suarez to Arsenal is currently on hold.

The Liverpool striker has made it clear that he wants to leave Anfield, claiming that if the club did not manage to secure Champions League football, and that if another club was to offer £40 million that he would be free to leave.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has categorically denied that he ever said such a thing, and meanwhile has banished Suarez to train on his own.

Should the report in the Mirror be true I think that Arsenal will have an excellent chance of landing one of the world’s best strikers, and given the current market £51 million sounds like the right price.

Over the weekend Wenger said that he did not want to get involved in a public auction over Suarez, but later when being interviewed by Al Jazeera Sport said:

“At the moment the situation is on standby. I heard that [Suarez is considering legal action to force a move], but this is sometimes linked with things that you don’t know as a potential buyer.”

“That is the story between Suarez and Liverpool and I don’t know what has been said, what has been promised and what has been written and that is only Suarez and Liverpool that can decide that.

“It is nothing to do with us. We have been told that the player wants to leave Liverpool and that is why we have acted.

“I really don’t know what will be decided by Liverpool.”

“He [Suarez] believes the £40m amount that is mentioned, if that is offered that gives him the right to go.

“Liverpool, from their side, are saying that is a minimum figure from which they will consider negotiation and of course they will want to keep the player, unless they replace the player with someone as good or better, which is not going to be easy in a short period of time.

“There are different ways it can be interpreted. If it goes to the Premier League it will take time and the window is then closed.

“We have been asked to try and help to sort the situation out and we have been trying to do that.”