Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta is sorry that the Gunners did not manage to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in the summer ahead of the match between the two teams tomorrow.

Arsenal made two offers for the Uruguayan with the last one being just over £40 million, which led to Liverpool owner John W. Henry to ask “What are they smoking down there at the Emirates?”

Despite all the controversy Suarez has caused at Liverpool the former Everton player Arleta insists that Suarez is a “good lad.”

“People don’t know the real Luis,” Arteta told The Sun. “He’s a really good lad.

“I know Suarez really well. He used to live in the next house to me and, whenever I’ve met him, he’s always been really nice.

“It’s a pity Arsenal could not get Suarez.

“Suarez and Daniel Sturridge are the two most in-form strikers in the league and will be a big threat to us. But we have the quality to beat them.”

Arsenal go into Saturdays match with Liverpool leading the league, but are only two points above the Reds with Arteta saying he is pleased with the way Arsenal have stated the season adding: “People are saying this team is too open and that we cannot win things this way. But it’s part of our game and we want to play with risks.

“We’ve scored more goals than any other team this season playing this way and the manager likes his team to entertain.

“It’s the Arsenal philosophy and I really doubt the boss is going to change his mind about that.”

However, Arteta is not stupid, saying: “Although it’s good to play offensive football, when you’re winning 1-0 away from home you need to think about your position and whether the risks you are taking are really necessary.

“That’s something that can be improved and, if we can avoid those silly mistakes, we can be a better team.”