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According to the Spanish daily sports newspaper MARCA, Arsenal have made a 30 million euro offer for Real Madrid’s Argentinian winger Angel Di Maria after it was announced that Gareth Bale had completed his move to the Spanish capital for a world record £86 million.

In a bid to recuperate some of this massive outlay it is thought that Madrid would be looking to sell striker Karim Benzema, midfielder Mesut Özil and winger Angel Di Maria.

The Argentinian would prefer if possible to stay at the Spanish club even if it meant spending some time on the bench, and has been aided in his quest by teammate Cristiano Ronaldo who requested that the club keep him on.

Di Maria was quoted on ESPN when finding out what Ronaldo had done saying: “I found out from elsewhere, not directly from him, that he had done that for me, I am very happy that a player like that supports me, asks for me not to leave, as people were saying that it might happen. That is very important.”

All this of course complicates the deal for Arsenal who must try to convince the player that a move to London is in his best interest, while at the same time if Madrid wants Arsenals money must tell their player that he has no future with them.

Arsenal are also rumoured to be interested in signing French international Karim Benzema, but it is thought that this could depend on whether or not Madrid were successful in signing Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.