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As you all probably know Arsenal’s arch rivals Tottenham Hotspurs are in the process of having a new stadium built, and because of the location on White Hart Lane they need to find a new ground to play their home games while the new stadium is being built.

Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy was hoping to do a deal with the FA and rent Wembley Stadium while also sharing MK Dons ground for the 2017/2018 season, but Premier League chief Richard Scudamore says splitting their time between the two stadiums would not be possible.

With the north Londoners now forced to use only one ground the chance of acquiring Wembley for the entire season is not possible as the stadium is already committed to hosting other events.

Scudamore however says the answer is simple and that it is to share the Emirates Stadium with Arsenal for the season.

‘Premier League fixtures are paired so Liverpool and Everton, Arsenal and Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City do not play at home on the same weekend,’ said Scudamore.

‘So it’s perfectly possible to have two teams playing in one stadium.

‘You might very well argue that in some circumstances that would be desirable but I do know the reasons why it would be difficult.’

‘You cannot have 19 home games with 10 at Milton Keynes and nine at Wembley. That is completely, completely unfair. That will not be allowed in our competition.’