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Ahead of Arsenals second leg clash at him with Turkish side Fenerbahce Wenger refuses to reveal any of the players that Arsenal are going after by stonewalling questions  about the Real Madrid trio of Karim Benzema, Angel Di Maria and Mesut Özil.


Everyone is assuming that a deal has already been done for Newcastle’s Yohan Cabaye, but as we have already seen this summer so called done deals can come apart very quickly as in the case of William signing for Chelsea over Spurs.

Wenger said: “I will not give you any names because I think it would be unfair for the players and create some wrong hopes.

“You can see that many of the disputes you have all over the country are because managers speak about players. In our job it’s just – be discrete and try to make things happen, that’s what we try to do.

“You can come back to me and say ‘yes, but you don’t make things happen’ but still most important is what happens on the football pitch. The rest? We work very hard on it.”

When asked if there would be a signing before the weekend he said: “I have no fixed day because the delays don’t depend on us only. It’s very difficult to predict.

“We have not a fixed number (of targets), I just think we are a bit short at the moment. The most important is to focus on the quality of the squad we have and to play the football we want to play.

“I am guided by my conscience to do as well as I can for this club and by the vision of the game I want to play.

“I feel with the players we have we can play the football we want to play, and I am a great admirer of the spirit and attitude of these players. They are special, and if I want to add something it has to be special.

“I still am optimistic and I hope I will not disappoint you!”