Arsenal, Liverpool


AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli is set to make a dramatic return to the Premiership with both Liverpool and Arsenal possible destinations for the 23-year-old according to the Daily Mail.

The Italian international is tired of the racial insults he has to put up with in Italy, and remembers that when he played in the Premiership for Manchester City that the situation in England was not the same as his adopted Italy.

Arsenal is believed to be in talks with Real Madrid over Karim Benzema, but is understood to be interested in talking to Mario Balotelli’s representatives about a possible move to the Emirates.

Liverpool meanwhile remain concerned that star striker Luis Suarez could be tempted by a big money offer from either Real Madrid or Barcelona and want to have a plan in place just in case the unthinkable happens.

Despite being a part of the Italian World Cup squad Balotelli had to put up with racial chants at the Italians training camp in Florence on Friday until police intervened.

Sadly this is an everyday occurrence in Northern Italy where the people still regard anyone who comes from south of Rome as African.