According to one of the coolest men in football Andrea Pirlo, fellow Italian international teammate Mario Balotelli could once more become one of the top strikers in Europe.

Perhaps someone needs to tell Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers this as his current team has no place in it for the 24-year-old Balotelli after the former AC Milan and Manchester City striker only delivered one goal during 16 league games last season.

Pirlo however who just moved to America to play in the MLS, believes Super Mario can revive his career following the disappointment at Liverpool and become one of Europe’s top strikers.

‘I’ll tell you that Mario is one of the nicest guys you will meet,’ Pirlo told Shortlist.

‘I used to walk into training with Italy and even before he said something I could just look at his face and I would start laughing. There are never boring moments when Mario is around.

‘He made mistakes when he was younger, he knows this, but I hope next season goes well for him, because I still believe he has all the attributes to be one of the top forwards in Europe.’

As far as Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers is concerned it would appear as if he will not play for Liverpool this season as the Reds look into finding a Serie A side that will sign him.