American owners make pact to stop player power

Two of English football’s biggest clubs Manchester United and Liverpool, while hated rivals on the field, their American owners are quite well connected through their American sporting ties.

Both John W Henry and the Glazier family have spoken regularly during the Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney transfer saga’s and cannot believe how football players and their agents can effortlessly in effect hold the club to ransom when they decide that they want to negotiate a new contract or leave for another club.

This is not the kind of thing that happens in American sports, with the two owners signing an unofficial pact not to allow their star players to leave for any price in effect curtailing the power players currently enjoy.

In their bid to rope in the players both Liverpool and United feel as though they also have an ally in Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy who is fighting his own battle against Real Madrid for his star player Gareth Bale, and the way he stood up to Luka Modric when the Croatian wanted to join Chelsea.

The owners are not saying that their player cannot leave the club entirely but are pointing out that they would not be sold to rivals such as Arsenal or Chelsea.

Meanwhile neither Rooney nor Suarez have put in a transfer request knowing that to do so call come back to haunt them.